The Apprentice Of Peace Youth Organization (AOPYO) programs includes the Journey Program, Enrichment Program, Strategic Community Partners Program, and Youth Advisory Council Program.


AOPYO Journey Program

Introduces participants to principles, philosophies, and applications focused on developing leaders while examining a sense of self-identity through youth-adult partnership mentoring strategies to encourage positive emotional climate at multiple sites. A variety of activities address the stigmas surrounding mental health and encourage youth to advocate about the social determinants associated within marginalized communities. Currently the program is running in Denver & Aurora Public Schools and Cherry Creek School Districts


Enrichment Program

Provides a valuable way to learn about a variety of interests that guide participants focused on leadership, arts, wellness, and skilled trades addressing supplemental education through hands-on experience. AOPYO has provided enrichment programs in over 30+ schools and community centers across the Front Range since 2013.


Strategic Community Partners Program

Builds on creating equities for inequities within marginalized and low-income communities through youth-adult partnerships. 


Youth Advisory Council Program

Youth Advisory Council focus on the development of improving communication channels, involvement, and resource sharing while providing youth perspective within AOPYO programming through youth - adult partnership. 

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Our mission is to reduce mental health stigma through the incorporation of leadership, arts, wellness, and skilled trades within all programs.

Our vision is to inspire courageous conversation around the value of life.