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I Am An Apprentice of Peace

Now Registering Middle and High School Aged Students

The I Am an Apprentice of Peace Program is an opportunity for students to find and define themselves – focusing on mentorship, wellness, common sense, and social responsibility. This program has been designed to provide students with an exciting experience that goes beyond traditional classroom learning.

Students begin by learning the AOPYO 9 Point Philosophy  – Realization, Committed Effort, and Accepting Principles of Change (RCA) – then work to create an individual GPS: Goal, Plan, Strategy to become their best selves in the community and world.

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The I Am An Apprentice of Peace program for students is a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and skill development. This 2-year program creates learning experiences for participants to find and define who they are in some of the most critical areas of life: Leadership, Arts, Wellness, and Skilled Trades!


Program Classes & Workshops

The I Am An Apprentice of Peace program delivers its curriculum through classes and workshops centered around AOPYO’s L.A.W.S.: Leadership, Arts, Wellness, and Skilled Trades. Here are a few examples of classes that students may participate in weekly:

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Program Commitments

The I Am an Apprentice of Peace Program is designed with family and student schedules in mind, creating a flexible learning experience. Students attend two-hour classes every week, with the convenience of alternating between in-person and online sessions. Additional offerings are available throughout the week at our AOPYO Youth Center.

Program Kick-Off Event

Stay tuned for more information about our program orientation on January 20, 2024. Join us at the AOPYO Youth Center to meet your peers and mentors, receive your official program swag, and get your AOPYO badge! 

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