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D.L. Pos Ryant

Executive Director

Concrete Wall

D.L. Pos Ryant, Executive Director

D. L. Pos Ryant brings over seven years of strategic planning experience, coupled with a deep passion for business, nonprofit sector work, and personal development. He excels as a community builder and connector, alongside his roles as a wellness advocate and youth mentor.

His fervor for strategy, wellness, positive youth development, and community building is evident in his work as a Strategic Planner, Facilitator, and DEI Consultant.

Pos has facilitated strategic planning sessions for local and national organizations, including CHFA, Jefferson County Public Health, and Museo De Las Americas. Collaborating with organizations like ArloSoul, The Athena Group, and SIYG Consulting, he has also led planning sessions for The SHARE Network, Civic Canopy, Guided by Humanity, and others.

Additionally, he has contributed to DEI initiatives at Maria Droste Counseling, focusing on cultural awareness, bias, and microaggressions.


Pos serves as the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization (AOPYO), a nonprofit dedicated to reducing mental health stigma and enhancing life skills through wellness programs.


Before establishing AOPYO, Pos gained valuable experience in mutual funds and real estate, supported by his dual MBA in Finance/Accounting and Strategic Management from Regis University.

To develop students through a whole-person approach by integrating mentoring, enrichments, and career pathway programs.


A world where students are resilient, self-sufficient, and socially responsible while leading their community.


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