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The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization

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Our Story

Located in downtown Denver, the Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization (AOPYO) provides a safe and unique environment for students and community members. The Apprentice of Peace was founded in 2013 by Ronnie Qi and D.L. Pos Ryant, two friends who developed a powerful connection through the practice of Tai Chi. Their journey began with a commitment to wellness, health, and fitness – culminating in the establishment of the brand as a way of life.

After years of collaboration – which included a published book, a community wellness organization, the release of an apparel line, and facilitating community Tai Chi classes – the growing group expanded their vision to create The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization. 

Today, the Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization supports students by empowering their leadership through its core programs.


  • Students benefit from mentoring, enrichments, and career pathway programs guided by AOPYO’s L.A.W.S.: Leadership, Arts, Wellness, and Skilled Trades. 

  • Middle and high school students participate in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines to prepare them for future educational and career opportunities.


  • Classes, workshops, and events immerse students in the community with the concept, #IAmAnApprenticeofPeace.


Donate your ride

to the Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization

Did you know that in just a few easy steps, you can support AOPYO by donating your unwanted vehicle? Through our partnership with Driven 2 Donate we can take any vehicle, regardless of the condition. 

To develop students through a whole-person approach by integrating mentoring, enrichments, and career pathway programs.


A world where students are resilient, self-sufficient, and socially responsible while leading their community.


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