of Life

The Value of Life is a movement geared towards combatting youth violence on a local, national, and global scale. Its target is to address the underlying issues that lead to youth violence, such as racism, poverty, lack of community belonging, poor mental health, and others.

The Value of Life movement seeks to promote courageous conversation through its workshops in self-care, destigmatizing mental health, and whole-person development.

Young Adults Council

The Young Adults Council, or YAC, is a chapter of the Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization dedicated to working on the Value of Life. The YAC was established in 2018, when two violent incidents occurred in Aurora Mall while AOPYO members were present.

That incident became a catalyst for a powerful movement of combatting youth violence, by first addressing its intersectionality with mental health. To this day, the YAC promotes the Value of Life all year-round so that their voices can be heard.