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The Apprentice of Peace was founded in 2013 by Ronnie Qi and D.L. Pos Ryant  two friends who developed a powerful connection through the practice of Tai Chi. Their journey began with a deep passion for wellness, health, and fitness – culminating in the establishment of the brand as a way of life.

After years of collaboration – which included a published book, a community wellness organization, the release of an apparel line, and facilitating community Tai Chi classes – the growing group expanded their vision to create The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization, with a shared vision that whole-person development can be nurtured in young people through the principles of Tai Chi.

Today, The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization supports students by empowering their leadership through its core program which integrates mentoring, enrichments, and career pathway programs guided by AOPYO’s L.A.W.S.: Leadership, Arts, Wellness, and Skilled Trades.

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Our Story

Though beginning with Tai Chi, that is no longer the sole purpose of this organization. The Apprentice of Peace Youth Organization began targeting different areas of need in the community in terms of equity. The team slowly started to grow with their own focuses. Projects around the organization revolve around educating youth in schools about Tai Chi, providing mentoring support, creating pathways for employment through certifications, and combatting youth violence by addressing its intersectionality with mental health. 

All this work to better the community will be impossible to achieve without this wonderful team of passionate people. 

Our Story
AOPYO Recruitment Flyer (Presentation (169)) (11).png
AOPYO Recruitment Flyer (Presentation (169)) (11).png

Meet The Team

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Founder & Executive Director

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Co-founder & Instructor Director

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Director of Development

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Enrichment Program Coordinator

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JeffCo Site Coordinator

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Career Pathways Coordinator

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Junior Development Intern

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Career Pathways Coordinator/Mentor

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Human Resource Intern

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Junior Marketing Coordinator

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