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Young Adults Council

What DOES the Young Adult Council do? Check out the workshops and programs the YAC have conducted and participated in!

Sparcs4Good Challenge

The YAC partnered with Sparcs4Good to create their own personal development challenge, centered on personal wellness and social awareness, helps players enhance their daily lives, and teaches the value of human life by promoting the skills to help push peace forward. The Value of Life is a movement, helping youth and adults contribute to the positive nature of society.

Mental Health Workshops

The main goal of YAC is to combat youth violence by addressing one of its root causes: mental health. The YAC conducted a mental health workshop at Sterling Market, educating the audience about the impact of mental health and providing them with immediate coping mechanisms such as breath work and  meditation techniques.

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Policy Workshops

Policy is at the core of our system and it is important to be educated in it! Thanks to Dr. Janiece Mackey of YAASPA, who led the YAC in an insightful workshop in policy, the YAC are more well-versed in that aspect of community engagement!

Healing Circles

The Get Ya Health Right! Healing Circles hosted by the YAC are a series of events that tackle various topics about mental health and wellness. The aim of each healing circle is to provide a safe space for the community to share their story and heal collectively.

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